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Idyllic Dining

Jackie D. Founder and Interior Designer

Jackie D., who is originally from Madrid, Spain, is a creative person interested in art, design, travel, and culture. She's been an artist since 2006 when she discovered her passion for art and decided to study Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain in 2010. Later, in 2013 she enrolled in Melbourne Polytechnic to study Interior Design and Decoration.​

She brings her knowledge, passion, and experience to create mindful and sustainable spaces that are also eclectic and artistic.

And when she is not working with clients or partnering with interior designers and developers, she likes to read, cook vegan recipes or spend time with her loved ones.

Our Values

There is no such thing as a small job.

Any project is unique with its challenges, and every client has a different vision and goals. With these concepts in mind, I bring my expertise and passion to design mindful and livable spaces where every detail counts. But also, the client is as important as the design I create, because I consider that any space is shaped by the people that habitat or use them.


J.D.Interiors was able to work with me on the ideas I had for my home and put them to use. Everything looks fantastic, thank you.