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Artist of the month: Andrew Faulkner

July 8, 2024

Keep myself updated in the Art world is a must. I'm an artist, and art lover. One of my favorite hobbies is visiting museums, art galleries, or other art events.

Looking at some photos that I have from past trips, I saw a few where I went to The Blue Print Gallery in Dallas, TX, that exhibits some of the Andrew Faulkner's works. Then I decided that I wanted to post about his work.


Andrew Faulkner is a contemporary artist that paints abstract landscape, which is honestly, my favorite style. He comes from a long line of artists, designers and architects, and studied painting at Trinity College. After 30 years of being a successful graphic designer he quit his job to become a painter.


His work is full of vivid and vibrant colors that define the space, and are open to the interpretation of the viewer. According to his own words, his work is a combination of the structural sensibilities of his architect father and the often riotous color sense of his interior designer mother.

But he is also inspired by the colors of Northern California, and the art of Matisse and Hockney.