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Behind Hopper

June 20, 2023
Jamaica Ave by John Register

Edward Hopper is my favorite American artist, and I consider him the best in American Realism. I think that is the reason why others started following him.

One of them is John Register. He is also considered one of the most distinctive American realist painters because of his haunting artworks, that depict places without people. He was compared with Hopper and Register responded: “With Hopper, you witness someone else’s isolation; in my pictures, I think you, the viewer, become the isolated one.” In his paintings exist a vibrant tension between lights and shadows that provokes isolation.

Red Benches

Register started his career at age of 33. One day in 1972, in New York, he left his advertisement job for a better life. He stood up at a meeting and told his partners he had a dentist's appointment. And now we have his art.

only chair

Unfortunately, he died in Malibu, California, in April 1996 at the age of 57, but leaving the legacy of 65 superlative works.

3 chairs