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Designing your Home Office

November 10, 2023
Home office

We know that since Covid the use of the Home Office increased. When we were locked up at home, many of us realized that we weren't comfortable in our space, so the demand of having a good home office increased.


Planning and budgeting is the first step to design your home office. You can look Pinterest over and over and never actually get there, so you need to have a clear goal for your space. Remember, it's private and it must be treated as a sanctuary because it's important to be comfortably productive.

Depending on your job make a list of what you actually need (desk, chair, storage for files, shelves...).

Home studio - transitional freestanding desk home studio idea in Little Rock with white walls

Before sourcing, during your planning process, you need to have a furniture layout where you can visualize where the main items will be placed. It's important to consider windows and doors, especially because the sunlight can make it difficult to see your screen, or sometimes you really need direct sunlight because you're a youtuber.



Time to choose your style.

Gathering ideas, and start sourcing pieces that match your style and budget. Don't be afraid of mixing. Colors and materials are important too even if it's just painting the walls or place wallpaper. With all of these in mind, create your moodboard to make sure that is visually pleasant and make sense to you.



If part of your project is having a built-in furniture, look for help to make sure that the design will look as you visualize. So don't cut the corners, a good design will last.


This can be a stressful process if you don't follow the previous steps. Designing is not about random ideas and trying to make it work. It's about organization and creativity. Be mindful with your home.

  1. Once you approve what you like, buy it. If you wait, you have the risk of finding that the item is out of stock.
  2. If you buy materials and furniture, make sure that you have storage for your new pieces because you cannot place them if the room is gonna be renovated, or you will damage those and create more stress.
  3. Make sure that the professional laborers help you clean after their done. They don't need to polish the floor but doing a minimum like vacuuming or swiping always help. Of course, you have to do the rest.
  4. Have a day to place everything following your layout, and add the accents.
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