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Dressing Windows: Types and Styles

July 1, 2024
Master Bathroom

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For those who don't have the perfect scenario or don't like to have naked windows, dressing them properly is very important. And before doing it, there are two questions that must be answered: Why and What.


There are several factors that determine the window covering type that you should use.

  • Light Control. You can decide the amount of light that you want in your room depending if it's the living, the bedroom, sometimes the office if you don't want the glare in your computer screen.
  • Privacy. Sometimes the front rooms are directly expose to a main street, or the rooms in the second floor can be seen from your neighbor's property. Adding privacy is desirable.
  • Insulation. Window coverings help to reduce or power bills, keep the heat inside in winter, and the ac in summer.
  • Style. Some people are more minimalist, others love maximalist, and the rest are in between.
  • Architectural. We don't always have the perfect windows, or they were place in weird positions. The architectural factor of the house will definitely determine what we will use.


  • Venetian Blinds.

Those are the low budget option. Can help with light and privacy control.

  • Vertical Blinds.

Vertical Blinds or Vertical Shades are more convenient for large commercial windows for its office look. If you use those at home, they will look better on large sliding patio doors. Vertical Blinds help with light control.

  • Cellular or Honeycomb Shades.

Another fair budget option that provides a clean functional look yet stylish, and are good for light control and insulation.

  • Zebra or Dual Shades.

Dual sheer shades are made from one piece of fabric with alternating translucent and light-filtering or room darkening material stripes. Those ones are often use for a more minimalist look, and offer exceptional light control.

  • Solar Shades.

Solar shades block UV rays and sunlight while maintaining a view outside. These shades cut down on glare, making them ideal for media rooms where light control is critical. Solar shades can also help to reduce energy bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer.

  • Roller Shades.

One of the most popular options for window coverings since they can be solid or patterned. They also offer different types of light control, privacy, and help reducing energy costs.

  • Roman Shades.

They are the most versatile window covering options. It helps with all the whys explained above and can be more minimalist or more maximalist, plus they add the natural feeling of linen or cotton.

  • Drapes and/or Sheers.

For a more classic conventional look drapes can be an option, but they don't look well everywhere. They help with light control and privacy; they add style, but they look better on big windows and patio doors, or when you have two or more small/medium windows together in the same wall.

Blue Office
Sheer with cornice
Surf Room