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How to create a hotel feeling room

August 29, 2023

What do you think about incorporating elements from hospitality design into your house? It sounds amazing and maybe expensive. But in this post I'm gonna point out what elements to really include in your home from hotels.


An accent wall

It's obvious, I know, but accent walls make a difference in a room.

room 1


With eclectic I mean a combination of contemporary with more traditional pieces, and keep it warm and neutral.

room 2

Low Profile

Cheap hotels have giant tall beds where you need a stool to get on, but real nice hotels use low profile furniture with clean lines because you want to guarantee a comfortable visit.

room 3


Choose interesting lighting is a must, especially modern Bauhaus type.


Dream Bathroom

The best hotels have dream bathrooms, and we can always find for less price their ideas. For example, you can always find a console vanity in Wayfair, and gold fixtures at Home Depot.