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June Project Reveal

June 30, 2023

I have recently finished two bathrooms project from the same client. This married couple with three kids wanted to renovate their bathrooms in a very personal style without following trends.

Inspiration for a contemporary kids' bathroom remodel in Dallas

The kids' bathroom in white with black accent it feels between coastal and modern farmhouse. The wallpaper with black leaves is the main focal point.

Example of a trendy kids' bathroom design in Dallas
Example of a trendy kids' bathroom design in Dallas

Another feature of this bathroom it's that I mixed brass with black to make it modern and unique.

Trendy master bathroom photo in Dallas

For the main bathroom they wanted something contemporary and relaxing, but they like Mid-Century as well, so I designed the cabinet in that style choosing walnut finish. The pendants are Mid-Century style as well.

Example of a trendy master bathroom design in Dallas
Bathroom - contemporary master bathroom idea in Dallas

If you realized, the flooring is the tile while the shower and the tub accent wall are paneling. This material is easy to maintain, clean, and doesn't get mold.

I hope everybody have a Happy 4th of July! Looking forward to collaborating with you.

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