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Parklets: the new living room in the cities.

July 17, 2023
Blue Parklet

Cities are developing new ways of coexistence creating break areas that also serve as greeneries, and resting points for our busy lives.

The new system is called the parklet, an increasingly popular tactic in urbanism that often replace two or three parking spots to make way for seating, greenery and other amenities. Though often permanent, they tend to be constructed in ways that allow for easy dismantling, either to accommodate winter snows or for emergency situations. Started in San Francisco as unsolicited interventions, the strategy has been adopted by other cities as a cost-effective means to improve street life, and have instituted them as official programs.


Even those parklets have been received with enthusiasm, as happens sometimes, not without controversy.

Parklets suppose to be an extension of the street, a public area for everybody, but sometimes local business pay to privatize them. For this very reason, the architectural firm Interboro Partners, developed parklets in a different way, so they don't look another commercial property but public areas.