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Project Reveal: retreat in the city

June 26, 2023
Open plan

This project has been mindfully designed to create a relaxing oasis for the client. The main idea was to have an apartment where the client enjoys time alone with his partner, but sometimes entertains friends and family.

Living room view

Having comfortable and modern seating was a must, and because the main colors are whites and neutrals finding an accent rug and pillows was very important to create a fun contrast.

Living/dining area

This client didn't want a boring look, but he loves Minimalism, so I designed an accent wall with media for his record player and show some artwork.

dining area

For a small dining area was important to make a big impact, so adding wallpaper with a golden mirror was my first choice, and my client loved it.


On the other side of the large area, we have the office. The desk is a custom design. Also, the walls are painted Sage green to create a separate area.


Modern, Minimal, and Functional are the three adjectives that describe this kitchen in white, black, and wood.


It's never too much. The bathroom is small so making it functional and luxurious was a must.

Bedroom bed view

The bedroom is very masculine with a few fancy touches. The wall had been designed to be an accent wall and a bed headboard at the same time.