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Sustainable wallcoverings

November 30, 2023

In this image we can see Paille de Noyer Wallcovering SuperOrganic by Oberflex. Oberflex is an expert in innovative and environmentally friendly materials, Oberflex could have the motto "live nature from the inside". This 100% French production group offers decorative surfaces for interior fittings. SuperOrganic by Oberflex is a brand of biodegradable panels made from plants, mainly wild alpine grasses.

Every year we're more worried about the future of our planet. There are still many people in the world that don't care, but for the ones that care, here our some of the recent popular sustainable choices for your walls.

Many of them come from recyclable materials such as wood, paper, fabrics, leather or glass. Honestly I'm vegan and leather is my less favorite choice but I agree that recycle the leather is much better than kill more animals.

Felt wall

If you love happy colorful rooms the Mosaic Felt tiles by Felt Right is your choice. Every Felt Right design is 100% customizable, reduce noise and echo improving the sound of your home, it's easy to install for people that don't want to deal with contractors, and is 50% made from plastics.


Cork panels have been popular the last 15 years because are sustainable, recyclable and better insulator than the regular foam panel.


Wallpaper should be environmentally friendly, and there are many brands that already offer that, but not all of them. My top choice to buy eco-friendly wallpaper is Forest Homes because they use sustainably sourced materials and non-toxic water based inks.


We suppose that everything that comes from plants is naturally organic and sustainable, but also depends on the way we obtain the materials and how we treat them.

The advantages of using wood as a wallcovering are soundproof because reduce noise and echo, and energy efficiency because helps to keep a comfy temperature reducing electrical bills.